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Current & Forthcoming Projects

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KSPS is currently involved in the following forthcoming projects:

Avalon Marshes Project

Site Specific Dramatic Performance, Somerset, 4th May 2024

Production Support


D-Day Anniversary Celebrations, WMPC

Festival/Event, Taunton, 6th June 2024

(Production Management, technical services delivery)

Taunton Youth Culture & Arts (TYCA)

Youth Arts Festival, Taunton, 13th July 2024

(Production Management, technical services delivery)

The Reduced Ring Cycle, The Bluebirds

Outdoor Touring Opera, Summer 2024

(Technical support)

The Sound of The Streets 2024

Music Festival, Autumn 2024

(Production Management)

The Christmas Bear, Beat Four Four

Festive Event, Winter 2024

(Lighting & AV Design/Support)

Lighting Design Services, February/March/April 2024


In Early 2024, KSPS designed and operated lighting for 3 local productions. CARDS's pantomime of "Sleeping Beauty"; Taunton Thespian's "Star Quality" and Taunton Gangshow 2024. 

The Sound of The Streets
Music Festival, September 2023


Reprising our 2022 role, KSPS provided Production Management for TSOTS 2023 with Event Management Plan creation and implementation; human resource allocation and management; technical support and full event health and safety management.

Jen Mclean and Kev Stratton worked as co-production managers with great effect, covering events in Axbridge, Bridgwater and the main festival in Taunton. 

The Sound of The Streets
Music Festival, July 2022


Production Management, technical procurement and event delivery of a multi-site street music festival in Taunton. 100s of performers from across the UK and the world over 5 days, in 3 locations. Managing a large team of volunteers and organisers while integrating with an established Independent Market Event and working closely with Somerset West & Taunton Council. 

This event was generously funded by The Arts Council England and other donors.

A Real Fiction
2021 - Present

Rural Touring.jpeg

Technical touring services for aKa Dance Theatre Company's long running contemporary dance show across public venues and KS2 students in the South West of England.


Lighting design & operation, sound operation, logistics and company RAMS implementation.

The ICC Cricket World Cup


KSPS provided a team of 8 local crew assist in the building of the ICC World Cup fan zone, turning Taunton town centre into a cricket inspired participation event.


KSPS was engaged by the international events company PEOPLE led by Tim Elliott and supported the fit up and pack of the event, working overnight to transform multiple locations in the host town.

Crew Support
2012 - Onwards

Festival Lighting.jpeg

KSPS has worked on dozens of productions and events as sole supplier/operator but also as a subcontractor for other events companies.


Highlights include: Frozen Light Theatre Company, Cranbrook Festival, TYCA, Sonic Lighting, Joe Garbett Dance, Bravo Events, Bright Production Services and BeatFourFour. 

Roles have included: Lighting design, lighting operation, Sound operation, band engineering, AV engineering, logistics, stage crew, event crew, installations, production management and camera operation. 

Early Weaves (London), April 2024


KSPS provided Company Stage Manager services to the production of Early Weaves for a week long residency of 12 shows at Wimbledon's famous Polka Theatre: 

Relighting lighting design for the Adventure Theatre space (by Rachael Duthie) and playback of the QLab project - set against a backdrop of willow taking a slice of nature into central London.

The King's Coronation Festival
May 2023


KSPS was brought in to Production & Stage Manage the festival, working for and alongside the newly formed Somerset Council and an other production suppliers. Over the course of 3 months, KSPS curated a music programme featuring local artists and community groups while co-ordinating the technical requirements of the event. KSPS also led the wider human resource management of marshals and other contractors. The event was delivered on time, in budget and considered a success.

All Hands!: The Nornen Project,
Outdoor Theatre, July/Aug 2023

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 20.25.06.png

KSPS was delighted to finally have an excuse to work with Rachel Duthie, Production Manager. Acting as Production assistant, responsibilities covered site management, procurement of resources, and assisting event management. This bespoke outdoor theatre show involved performers and creatives from the hearing impaired community and a large community cast working alongside our full time performers and creatives. It was a truly beautiful story set against (and sometimes within) the stormy conditions of Burnham on Sea. KSPS also facilitated the re-appropriation of scenic materials to a local theatre company following the production. 

A film of the event can be viewed here for a donation:

Coleridge Unbound
Sept 2022 & Feb 2023

Outdoor Dance 2.jpeg

Production Management and technical services including Stage hire/design, sound and lighting design, and AV integration for an outdoor contemporary dance piece for State of Trust & State Of Emergency at William Wordsworth's former residence in Holdford, Somerset. 


Reworked and performed again in 2023 at Beckford's Tower Museum, Bath as an indoor performance.

The Bluebirds Theatre Company
July 2020 - Present

Outdoor Cinema.jpeg

Full technical support including AV, lighting, sound, staging, RAMS and supporting upgrades for their touring mobile stage "The Popera House".

Cabaret, children's theatre and Opera performed across the South West incorporating projection, special effects, radio mics and even MC/performer duties on occasion. I am also now a company co-Director.

Voices on the Wind
AV, Lighting and Soundscape November 2020


With the global pandemic curtailing many productions, KSPS worked with BeatFourFour (Mark Whitford-Williams) to illuminate Middlezoy Church in Somerset, adorning it with Projections set against an original Gregorian score.


The event was attended by the vast majority of the village and featured on BBC Points West, with funds raised from the event donated to BBC Children In Need. 

A film of the event can be viewed here:

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